Wissam is currently developing plans to launch a new orchestra based in London.        This page will document the project's progress. 


Founding Principles of the orchestra


  1. Professional Youth Orchestra: The orchestra is conceived as a 'professional youth orchestra'. It will be a paid training orchestra for talented advanced students and young professional musicians, meeting for rehearsals and short tours three times a year.
  2. A Method Called Love: Wissam's musical approach/philosophy which he has developed over many years and has become internationally known as "A Method Called Love" (read some of Wissam's articles), through his teaching and masterclasses. The orchestra's rehearsing and performing ethos will embody this approach. 
  3. Towards Humanity: The orchestra will absorb some of Wissam's vision of Towards Humanity, using the inspirational qualities of music as a catalyst for humanitarian initiatives. 
  4. Workshops: During the build-up to concerts, time will be set aside for important musical and humanitarian workshops/debates, insuring that an inspired and functional atmosphere is maintained among the members. 
  5. Professional Links: Established professional players will periodically join the orchestra in rehearsals and concerts as leaders/mentors. These key players will help shape and inspire the orchestra, while at the same time acting as ‘scouts’, providing a useful opportunity for the younger members to network and establish connections with the wider professional orchestral scene. 
  6. Auditions: The selection progress will be handled by Wissam and designed to allow each candidate to choose solo and orchestral repertoire that will best reflect their individual strengths and passions. There will also be an interview during the audition. 
  7. New Music: Although the orchestra programming will largely focus on the core classic repertoire, new works will be commissioned, reflecting themes and ideals of Towards Humanity.
  8. Improvisation: Opportunities will be actively pursued, with the aim of developing improvisational skills among members, through exciting collaborations (internal, as well as with other orchestras, ensembles and individuals). These collaborations will explore diverse cultures, helping enhance confidence and self-esteem among the members. 
  9. Soloists: Exciting soloists will be invited to perform with the orchestra and will be encouraged to participate in discussions designed to deepen understanding and links.


Further Information will be Posted here as the plans progress