Wissam teaches on numerous intensive flute courses and festivals. Each has their unique atmosphere. These courses are a wonderful way to hone skills, while meeting musicians coming from different countries. These intense courses are the ideal setting to explore and take risks in, and learn to play with excellent colleagues, while network for the future in a non-judgemental environment that is free from exams.

Summer Courses 2017:


In Search of Inspiration

Wissam is delighted to be back at the beautiful home of Dominique Stoop, for an intense and warm few days of music making! After a break of a few years, Dominique's farm will be in full song again! 

Our pianist Laurent Beeckmans will also be conducting the string orchestra "Strings For Europe" in a concert on the first day (2nd June), which Wissam will be taking part in.

There will be three days of masterclass and private lessons, culminating in a students' concert, taking place at 5pm on the 5th of June. 

Scottish International Flute Summer School


This yearly intensive summer course in St Andrews attracts a large and diverse number of participants. Founded by Ruth Morley 23 years ago and currently directed by Yvonne Robertson, this year the SIFSS team will include leading flute players: Ian Clarke, Michael Cox, Ruth Morley, Yvonne Robertson, Lis Dooner and Wissam. As always, at the epicenter of the course are our two wonderful pianists, Scott Mitchell and Claire Haslin.

Please visit the SIFSS website for more information.


A unique collaboration was born in 2015, between three inspired flute players: Matthias Ziegler, Ian Clarke and Wissam, all of them possessing a common passion for contemporary music and its associated extended techniques, composing and improvising. Matthias’s brainchild, the Grolloo Sessions are held in Grolloo, hometown of the renowned flute maker Eva Kingma and birthplace of the Kingma System flutes that she invented. In late August, this peaceful village comes alive with flute players from all over the world, who come for a week of inspired music-making and deep discussions, workshops, masterclasses…with late night beer experimentation sessions to cap each day! It is heartening to see the whole village joining in the fun and intensity of the course!

Please visit the Grolloo Session 3 website for more information.


2nd International Golloo Flute Festival! A unique and intense course for advanced players with the coaches Matthias Ziegler, Ian Clarke and Wissam Boustany in the hometown of Eva Kingma