The flute has been Wissam's best friend and companion throughout most of his life, since he was twelve. His flute became the eyes with which he  he sees the wonders of the world and depths of his soul, keeper of his dreams, catalyst of his discipline and sense of self and belief. It taught him the Value and Art of Love, and all that it empowers in life and work.

During his late teens, Emile Nouné (Wissam's stepfather, flute teacher and musical mentor at the time) told him something that he would never forget:

"The flute is too small for you...I see you as a conductor one day".

Such was Wissam's love for his flute, he laughed and joked at this notion and even bet Emile that this would never happen...but this small sentence imbedded itself somewhere in Wissam's insides.

On a whim,  while Wissam was studying at the Royal Northern College of Music a few years later, he put together an orchestra at college and performed Mozart's Symphony No 29 and Elgar's Serenade; he wasn't studying conducting at the time....he just thought it would be 'fun' -  and with that one experiment he laid conducting to rest until 2015, except for occasionally leading orchestras from the flute, when he was performing with them as a soloist.