“... demonstrated the utmost control of the expressive powers of his instrument, captivating the audience with intense changes of dynamic and timbre, as well as effortlessly handling the technical demands of the music... took the audience on a journey around the world, as if following the breeze, with impressive folk-influenced melodies played with dramatic and enormously convincing timbral changes...”
Seen and Heard (September 2009)

"...Pour atteindre l'indicible, la flûte va chercher des sonorités au plus loin de l'imaginaire sans oublier une part de soleil et de poussière bien levantins dans des élans charrient parfois...Salve d'applaudissements d'un public ravi, mais où Wissam Boustany était absent du salut final. On aurait tout simplement aimé l'applaudir bien fort et lui dire qu'avec lui, la flûte a un charme irrésistible...
L'Orient Le Jour (October 2008)

“…whipping through its bustling pages with an unstoppable fervour in an exciting exhibition of virtuosity…” 
The Age, Australia  (March 2007)

“…. Charismatic, engaging, thrilling and expressive…great musical understanding and improvisatory flair…Wissam's sound was full, colourful and rich, with depth and dynamic flexibility…"
PAN Magazine  (March 2006)

“...Wissam Boustany plays the flute like a singer uses his voice. The expression radiates outwards from within, leaving the audience hypnotised by the sheer charisma and energy of his playing...” 
Arts Focus, Aberdeen, Scotland (November 1997) 

“...This time the orchestra's soloist was one of the greatest....Wissam Boustany belongs to the instrumental elite....Wissam Boustany lives through his music...” 
Ilkka, Finland (May 1992)

“...But most notable among them was undoubtedly the extraordinarily fluent and forthright young flautist Wissam Boustany, who, in terms of expressive power, defies the bounds imposed by his chosen instrument...” 
Daily Telegraph (Aug 1987) 

“...The Chamber Orchestra of Europe, mainly English, played well; its flutist was a star...” 
International Herald Tribune (Aug 1984)