"… a fizzlingly gripping chamber Flute Concerto, originally inspired by the British Museum’s splendid 'Moctezuma : Aztec Ruler' exhibition. Wissam Boustany… plays with superlative technique and verve …"
Gramophone (September 2014)

"...I am quite staggered by this soloist...The playing is remarkable; there are no gasps for breath or oral noises and the sound is excellent...Listen to the mighty climax at 11.50 in the slow movement the control of soloist and orchestra is impeachable throughout. The cadenzas are spellbinding; the intonation faultless. And what an invigorating finale!...” (February 2012)

"...Boustany is a performer who wears his heart on his sleeve, and this disc is no exception, with a wide range of expression, tone colour changes and nuances throughout... a dramatic and highly engaging recording, which leaves its mark on the listener...this fascinating disc has much to offer, both in terms of the repertoire and the musicianship with which it is delivered..."
Musicweb - (February 2012)

"...hauntingly incredibly talented flautist..."
Musicweb (February 2012)

"...Les deux volumes révèlent un puissant tempérament, un profond sens de la ligne musicale et de la forme, et un engagement total. Les œuvres du second volume constituent un ensemble homogène, d'une grande force et intériorité...”
Temp Flûte N.5 (Premier semestre 2012)