Wissam has developed a musical philosophy and method over the years, which is the basis of his approach to life, practice, performance and teaching. He has given workshops and classes under this title in many countries.

The aim of “A Method Called Love” is to pinpoint the source that allows musicians on any instrument to harness their potential and perform in an inspired wayconsistently. This method creates a deep bond between the player and their instrument, while establishing a natural technique that flows out of the body.




Wissam's teaching is highly intense, yet essentially non-competitive. He seeks to create attitudes that allow students to explore and develop their individual inner talent and potential, leading to increased creativity and confidence in performance.

Performance Skills

His classes offer the chance to define the role of the 'performing musician' for each individual. An inspired and committed definition of this role leads to deeper understanding of the challenges of building a career and of successfully communicating music to audiences.


Wissam is a keen advocate of performing the solo, recital and concerto repertoire from memory, as a means to learning and communicating music deeply. Memory also serves as a solid foundation for solving many technical challenges. Wissam's vivid and inspiring descriptions have empowered many young flutists to adopt this as their "minimum personal standard of performance".


This is a very important discipline for classically trained musicians to embrace. Improvisation is used as a method of practice, leading to an improved and more natural technique and a deeper understanding of breathing, rhythm, phrasing, colour, freedom of expression and flexibility in music-making.


The ability to breathe in harmony with our bodies, life and music is of fundamental importance; after all, it is the breath that gives birth to the sound that flute players create. Wissam uses simple and natural ways to discover this, always using real life analogies to create vivid concepts to guide the student.

Technique through Inventiveness

Wherever possible, Wissam encourages students to invent their own exercises for achieving their aims, through improvisations, rather than relying on past masters and their ideas. Creative thinking, whether in musical or technical context, is about learning to ask the right questions and listening/trusting one’s inner voice in order to create a deeply personal relationship with the instrument.

Career Advice

Discussing short/mid/long term aims is important. Wissam is always happy to brainstorm with flutists wanting some feedback. This often leads to a clearer sense of motivation, direction and structure in the student's work.


Wissam is also happy to give advice regarding the process of putting together projects (one-off events, touring, putting together recordings, humanitarian work etc).