Silent Song

originally written in 1998

For Carina


Once upon a time there was a flute player who travelled the world. His mission was a simple one: that the wind he blew into his flute would take root in people's hearts and heal the world of all its pain. There were some, who laughed at this dream, but the flute player had learnt from his music that the highest mountains were made of the smallest stones, that the deepest oceans flowed out of drops and streams, and that nations were nothing more than the dreams and lives of people.

Once, he met another flute player on one of his trips, who was honoured in his own country and known as the King of Hearts. A mysterious wind gently blew these two brothers closer towards each other, until one day King of Hearts took the flute player to meet his wife and children. On the way, King of Hearts revealed the true story of how the winds of love had once blown him towards his beautiful Queen, and how these miraculous Winds had eventually formed the biggest cloud that ever covered the sky. The cloud grew bigger and bigger until one day it burst into the two most beautiful human drops, which would soon grow into human oceans.

The First Drop had the Smile of Heaven written into her fair eyes. Although she was still a small drop, she had no fear and was able to Smile through her Mouth, singing into the world with the joy and abandon of a humming-bird!

The Second Drop, however, was very different from anyone the flute player had met - she did not speak much. Hers was a deep and silent world, full of the wondrous mysteries of life, and her name was Silent Song.

In her Deep Brown Eyes
Swam the Silent Song of the Dove,
For flying within them
Were the very Winds of Love.

One day, Silent Song saw a Blind Boy in the street
And they fell in love.
He had no eyes to see, yet within his Ear
He still could hear
The Whispering Winds of Love.

Yet he could not see and she could not speak
So there was no way they could meet!

Suddenly a Fresh Breeze appeared on the Wings of Sound.
The Flute Player was around!
In a flash all became clear to the Silent Dove:
Simply that the Blind are only those
Who cannot Love!

Silent Song lifted her head to the sky
And out came the Loveliest Cry!


Wissam Boustany, Bogota, 1st April 1998