Beyond Sound

30/07/12 12:36

Hot off the heels of two flute courses in Poland (Ventus Optimus, in Łødtz) and Scotland (Scottish International Flute Summer School, in St Andrews), I am reminded very emphatically about the essence of what constitutes a musical and inspiring sound and musicality. So many of us are constantly battling to find and define this elusive sound…constantly tampering with and analyzing sounds that are too thin or too fat, sharp or flat etc.

But what cuts right through all this cacophony, is the simplicity of a sound that is born out of true passion and love. This is the heart and soul of our music and our sound…the rest is marginal. Yes, issues of intonation and timbre are a source of deep concern….but these are only attainable if we are able to be emotionally functional and have the Will (born out of passion) to cut through our personal emotional and physical blockages, and translate this energy into a physical manifestation of energy and emotion that inspires people from within.

The challenge is NOT to control the flute, but rather to keep the flame alive within our own hearts open to change and stimulation…if we discover this secret, we give wings to our efforts and our music is transformed into a reality that is far beyond our wildest dreams. 

A beautiful face is not conscious of itself.