"...The playing by both Boustany and Szram is sensitive, lyric, and emotionally charged..."
Flute Talk (January 2012)

"...Il y a comme un cordon ombilical qui relie ces deux artistes. Quand l'un souffle, l'autre caresse ou tape les touches de son piano...toutes les musiques contenues dans le souffle de Wissam Boustany seront en parfait accord. Il suffisait de fermer les yeux rien qu'un instant pour les étendre résonner en nous...”
L'Orient Le Jour (December 2011)

"...The audience was immediately struck by ‘the sound’ this duo has and their ensemble playing. Each note was taken care of; each phrase soared whether lyrical or grotesque...
...Techniques and agility don’t make a piece, but when combined with an innate musicality and an extraordinary concept of sound, the effect was breathtaking as well as profound as Boustany pleasured us with his composition. It was a beautiful end to a mind-blowing concert...
...It was clear that Boustany and Szram have exceptional interplay and communication - slight lift of the flute, a tilt of the head – something possible when they are no longer dependent on the written notes and page turns. Their strong personalities complement each other to create a deep bond that communicates out to us as their audience and encompassed us in this experience – the boundary between the stage and the audience became invisible as we were drawn into and made a part of the shared energy in their performance...”
Norway Flute Festival (June 2011)

“...intense, amazing, ultra-communicative, shake-me-to-the-core style. He and his phenomenal piano collaborator, Aleksander Szram, both played the entire recital by memory...The audience yelled on their feet afterwards, and no wonder, after the passion, depth, and pure powerful presence that Wissam puts into his music like no other flutist I've ever seen...” 
Helen Spielman, M.A., FLUTE List on the Internet (September 2008)